Chaya Talupuru

Administrative Principal


“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” – Mark Twain

Right to Education is one of the fundamental rights and I believe that
every child deserves the best education available. We at DPIS are
committed to identifying our students’ education requirements;
provide them with the best resources to help them achieve their goals
and make a name for themselves.
Education for us at DPIS means 360degree development of students
including their academics, physical fitness, sports, art & craft,
performing arts and most importantly imbibing the right values for
leading a joyful and all-round successful life.
Our teaching staff is well equipped mixture that every student gets
personal attention and help them reach their potential. Our staff is
continually trained on teaching best practices, innovative teaching
methods, morals and values-based education.
We believe that the right infrastructure and facilities are key to
imparting academic knowledge and developing their physical selves.
Our class rooms, playing and sporting facilities are best in class.
Our processes are designed to provide progress updates on periodic
basis and we have set up a transparent communication system that
keeps parents updated on both academic and physical activities.
I am confident that students will graduate from our school being
academically superior, physically fit, artistically creative and well
trained to be model citizens of our great nation.