Sunitha Gowda



“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein
It gives me immense pleasure in communicating with you parents ‘the pillar of our motivation’; your trust in us has made us to take this big leap by stepping into this noble profession of chiselling young minds.

Imagine a world where every learner can excel. Where they are free to express themselves and discover their innate potential and ingenuity. Where confidence, happiness and empathy are part of the daily routine. Where learning happens through an excellently designed pedagogy that perfectly balances academic rigour with the creative arts, sports and community service. Where there is an everyday focus on life skills that will give children an edge in the complex world of the latest trend. This is the world at DPIS.

Students learn and play in the hands of professionally skilled teachers who equally have the motherly touch, so it’s a home away from home. Besides academic excellence, we discover the hidden potential and skill of every child and empower by providing them ample opportunities of development. We have an ideal team of educators who aim at holistic development and value- based education.

We believe that every child is unique and gifted in some way or the other, thereby we provide equal attention and tap every child’s unique skill as his /her assets and protect their interest, self-esteem of every child by nurturing their individual potential.

We aspire to keep the children abreast of the current pedagogies and present education scenario. The competencies and skill-based teaching and learning shall be our Mantra

The prime need of present generation is value -based education. Life-skills are an integral part of teaching. It is our constant endeavor to make our children tomorrow’s leaders & global citizens. We assure you that our team will leave no stone unturned in making our kids worthy and proud citizens of optimistic India.

We thank you again Parents for your support throughout and look forward for a bright, healthy and prosperous learning year ahead. God Bless


Best Wishes,