Dr. Stella Pandhare



Greetings from Delhi Public International school.
‘ A child who learns but cannot think is lost .In this school we educate students to think. Our methodology fosters creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills in our students right from the formative years.
Here text book is not a Bible but a tool like other teaching aids that helps student to move away from rote learning and guides them to discover and apply knowledge. They are motivated to experiment and reflect and formulate the concepts themselves. The are encouraged to be self learners and teachers are only facilitators. We make sure they are equipped with 21 century skills so that they develop into holistic individuals, ready to take on the world, as it presents itself. Hoards of curricular and cocurricular activities are offered to students to entertain them and also to hone them with life skills.
Students love coming to school. They enter with a smile, live with their smile and at the end of the day, leave with a smile
The support system extends beyond the boundaries of the school and remains with student was long as they desire to be associated with the school.