Delhi Public International School aims to empower students with skills for the future and equip them to participate in and contribute to the global world while practising the core values of respect, inclusion and excellence, with parents, teachers and the community as partners.

The Delhi Public International School  is a contemporary realization of centuries – old ideals and aims to achieve its Vision by setting its Mission:

  • Where children evolve as individuals who are self-motivated, creative, innovative, responsible and empathetic; who embrace diversity; who can think, question and reason out logically; who are independent and condent leaders capable of taking decisions; who have the courage to
    live and think as distinct individuals; who embrace their responsibilities in the larger world- by implementing a well structured Scholastic and Co-scholastic program
  • Provide opportunity to every student to feel enriched by the deep satisfaction that derives from service to others – through Community outreach Programs
  • Enlarge the education experience to include the creative joy and aesthetic sensibility of the artist, and the vitality and competitive spirit of the athlete -by introducing a plethora of Co-scholastic activities
  • Develop in our young minds the habits of mind of scholars as the foundation for a lifelong love of learning- through innovative pedagogical practices
  • Equip students with technological knowhow and help them integrate it with values and our cultural legacy -by introducing a strong ICT program that encourages learning and is also powerful medium of communication
  • Promote appreciation for our Indian culture and heritage- through scholastic and co-scholastic programs that blend modernity with tradition
  • Encourage collaboration and co-operation of all stakeholders -by organizing programs that add value to the learning outcomes of students